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How It All Began  

By Toni Wing, Pet Sitting Super Hero 
December 2012, I was still living in Milton Keynes with my partner Yiannis, whom you've probably met by now as he now also helps me with the pet sitting & dog walking, and at the time I worked in Asda part-time. Yiannis had his own painting and decorating business which was earning us a good income, and when I wasn't working at Asda, I was working as a painter & decorator with Yiannis. Sadly he just didn't enjoy the work, it wasn't his or my passion.  
We we're racking our brains thinking of new ideas & new ventures, I desperately wanted out of Asda too. I knew I was worth more and had always wanted my own business. Yiannis was the push, he just kept pushing me and giving me the confidence and knowledge needed to set up my own business. It's one of the main reasons our relationship works because we're both very supportive of each other and out plans & what we want to do.  
At the time Yiannis asked me "What is it you're really passionate about?"  
"If you could do something for free, just for the love of it, what would it be?", I replied saying "looking after pets". 
He then just replied, "OK! Let's do it!" 
We were in the process of moving from MK to Bedford and so decided that we would launch our new pet sitting & dog walking business when we arrived in Bedford. I suppose the idea was actually sparked from using a pet sitter ourselves in Milton Keynes. Her name was Marina from MK Pet Care and her service was excellent! I knew I wanted to do something similiar...and so we moved to Bedford & I launched Whiskers & Tails. 
"Fun Fact: All kittens are born with blue eyes" 
We're now into our 3rd year of business, have plenty of fantastic clients, & of course pets that we look after and we're both so happy. Yiannis has quit his old painting & decorating business and we now just both purely focus on Whiskers & Tails. From the start, all we wanted to do was provide a high quality service, making sure our clients felt very comfortable in using us and knowing that their pets are safe at home with constant updates & communication.  
If you have any questions about our pet sitting service or if there's anything I haven't covered, please either call 01234 953912, or alternatively enter a comment below!  
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