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Bedford: 01234 953912 

Why Choose Us 

   "Our Values Which Underpin Everything We Do"  (Your Pets Comfort & Safety Is Our Top Priority) 

Trust & Care 
It's difficult to let a stranger in your house, who you don't really know yet, to look after your beloved pets. That's why you'll have the opportunity to meet us in depth beforehand at our free consultation meeting.  
We're very fussy with our staff. Our hiring processes are rigid, to ensure that we've selected the best candidates possible. 
As a bare minimum, all our staff are DBS checked, animal lovers & pet owners themselves.  
Pets need proper attention. You're pet will always get looked after for the right amount of time as agreed from the outset. 
Pet sitter backups! As a developed business, we've got the support behind us to ensure that in the very rare occasion if our pet sitter is ill or an emergency comes up, we always have cover & processes in place to ensure your service isn't disturbed.  
Will your pet sitter be available on the dates & times you need? It's our job to fit you in and we will! We'll also always agree on a timeslot where we will attend at the times you need, all agreed beforehand. 
Pet Safety & Security 
Your pets safety is our #no.1 priority. To prevent accidents from happening, we have a 'keep on the lead policy' that stops accidents from happening.  
Some animals are kept indoors, like indoor cats, and their security is extremely important to us. We always check doors are shut properly and do our final checks before leaving.  
We'll always do what's been asked, follow your instructions, understand your pets specific needs, and care for your pet just as you would yourself. 
Do you worry when you're away? We understand this, and will send you text updates after each visit, we can even send pictures if needed. Although it's entirely optional and something we'll discuss at our meeting with you. 
What about an emergency? Normally emergency procedures are covered again in our initial meeting, but we would take your pet immediately to your vet should we suspect or see anything wrong. We will also contact you immediately to update you & receive further instructions. 
Will you be able to reach us? Yes, we check our emails constantly and also have our phones on us if you wish to call us directly. If we miss a call, we will always call back as a matter of priority.  
Here at Whiskers & Tails, we're all pet owners ourselves. We treat your pet's like they're our own.  
We speak to you in great length beforehand to we make sure we have all the information needed to make sure your pet is safe & happy. 
Every pet is treated as an individual, and we keep careful records of your pet's special preferences to ensure that they feel super comfortable when under our care. 
Your pet's well-being is paramount to us, therefore we take great care when it comes to any medical requirements or special needs, and provide you with the regular updates that you need. 
Let's discuss your requirements on 01234 953912 

Our Values Here is what we strive to provide for all our clients   

Trust & Care 
Free consultation meeting to meet your pets  
We only choose the best employees 
DBS clear staff, & all are pet owners themselves 
Agreed visits set at your specified duration 
If someone is ever ill or can't make it, we have a team of backups. Your pet will always be seen to 
We'll be there, when you want us there 
Pet Safety & Security 
Your pets safety is our #no.1 priority. Dogs always stay on a lead 
We take extra care with indoor cats  
We'll always follow your exact instructions & make sure your home and pets are kept safe 
Text updates after each visit (if requested) 
Emergency trained & we'll keep you fully aware if there's anything wrong 
You can contact us anytime by phone or email for any sudden changes in your plans 
Here at Whiskers & Tails, we're all pet owners ourselves.  
We treat your pet's like our own.  
You can be sure that your pet will be left in safe & happy hands. 
Every pet is treated as an individual, and we keep careful records of your pet's special preferences to ensure that they feel super comfortable when under our care. 
Let's discuss your requirements on 01234 953912 

Trust is the foundation of all relationships 

We're the recognized leader in professional dog walking & pet sitting in Bedford. With over 20,000 pet visits under our belts, to say that we're experienced is an understatement. Our main goal is to make Whiskers & Tails visits safe, fun and rewarding for your best friend.  
Our reputation is known and trusted in Bedford. In fact, most of our new clients come to us through referrals from happy clients and word of mouth. After all, it’s a trust thing! And we've been at it since 2012. 
(To the left is me & my best friend I rescued called Oreo, this was just after one of his operations) 

Reputation is everything 

Our reputation means everything to us. We make absolutely sure that your pet is given the best care possible & to the best of our ability. But we also make sure that we communicate with you regularly, always keep our word and help you where we can.  
We've got some awesome customer reviews on Facebook. Check them out here! 

One-on-One adventures. No multi dog walks. 

Research has shown that dogs get stressed when introduced to new dogs they don't know and we believe it's actually quite dangerous for the dogs and even walkers to be walked in groups. And of course they don't get as much attention. Which is why all our dog walks are strictly 1:1. 
Your dog isn't just another dog in the pack, and when they join us, they become part of our Whiskers & Tails family. We'll give your doggy personalized walks, tailored to your specific requests and the needs of your dog, not the pack. Our focus is safe & happy walks for all our doggies.  

Client Focussed Customer Service 

Keeping the pets happy is amazing...but if truth be told, we need to keep our humans delighted as well! 
You can expect timely and promptly returned phone calls and emails, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Including updates and pictures on our visits to make sure you can relax knowing all is ok.  
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